Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another pint of my #allgrain Summer Quaffing Bitter

This is seriously blowing me away as to how clear it is. No filtration other than through the hop bed when running off to the FV after boiling. I have to admit if served at room temperature the carbonation is a bit strong and stirs up the sediment but 30 mins in the fridge and it pours to pretty much empty without dislodging a skerrick - a skerrick is a tiny thing - of the bottle bottoms.

Absolutely going to brew this again, it's been superb - 2 bottles left alas :( note to self, get bigger pans and FV's and increase brew length soon.

It looks deceptively pale but there are layers of toffee, caramel, a hint of vanilla, dryness, tongue bitingly bitter that both quenches and makes you want to dive in for more. There are subtle fruits happening, citrus and more beyond my vocabulary of descriptors.

Here's the link to my brewday for this all grain, session bitter.


Lolo Grim said...

I'd like to brew this kind of recipe, just to find out if I can obtain such a "fu***ng" crystal clear beer. Can you share the beerXML file or something ?
Thanks a lot.

Steve189 said...

Thanks :) The recipe is my own and I don't have an xml just hand written notes. The brew is here with the recipe details:

I used Protofloc for fining, added 15 minutes before the end of boil. If the beer is in the fridge for longer than an hour or so it develops a chill haze. Yeast used was Safale SO4 it compacts down very well in the bottle and is not easily disturbed.

Thanks for your comment and it's good to see a Frenchman using the word "Fu**ing" LOL it should be used more often :)

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