Sunday, May 27, 2012

Label WIP for latest brew a Single Hop, Imperial IPA using Apollo Hops

Posting this here so I can link to it on a forum... brewday write up to follow.


pdtnc said...

nice one :)

Steve189 said...

Cheers Ade, I've decided to try and go for a grunge, beers with attitude feel for the "house beers". One thing the local brew lack is attitude, they're all so samey and, sugary bland. Hoping to take a few samples (a pale quaffing ale, this big hop jobbie, an amber, a weissen and a Black IPA) to a local bar/warehouse that is interested in my brews. They have many clients asking for English beers and something a bit different but they're really struggling to import British brews due to tax. To sell a 500ml bottle of a typical English bitter here they'd need to charge well over 8 quid... Politics. I'm hoping I can provide a taste of England and other stuff that stands out from the uber carbonated sweet stuff. I am writing to the local Douanes (Customs ) this week to finalise the definite process for declaring and paying tax on beer and to start looking at selling it. Yes, I'm rushing but there's a demand that's not being met, yet.

Steve189 said...

PS There's an English brewer set up here brewing Bieres23, supposedly an award winning brewer back in the UK but I don't know what they were called back there etc They brew nice beer but they've gone for appealing to the current palate so there's nothing that stands them out from the other stuff already being brewed here.

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