Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Black Dragon IPA bottle label design

After some further tinkering using The Gimp (open source, free alternative to Photoshop) on several label designs recently I have finally settled on this one for my Black Dragon IPA. I'm still tweaking the recipe as far as the cold steeped malts but it's developed into a lovely, full beer. Not overly roasty and with some fragrant pineapple notes drifting into it now it's a few week old. I am putting the pineapple down to the Cascade.

Still waiting to hear back from Les Douanes (Customs) with regard to my initial start-up size requiring full warehouse keeper status or not. Although even if they say I don't have to, I think I will still register (it's free anyway) as it comes built in with the rights to sell (takeaway only) beer from the breweries location.

Reduced resolution and size for bandwidth and to fit on here.
And here's a bottle of the lovely stuff. I might have to crack one open in a couple of hours time. :)

The first brewday (I'll be swapping black malt for Carafa III) is here: allgrain homebrew Black IPA

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