Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pint of AG11, all grain homebrew Batemans Victory

Oops, here's another pint that I haven't actually posted the brewday for. It was a typically brew really, nothing special but it's made a cracking beer. Really enjoying this, it's a tad paler than original as I'm currently using up a sack of pale crystal malt I ordered by mistake. EDIT I lie like a cheap watch, here's the brewday, all grain Batemans Victory. One thing that has struck me is, having just been over to Batemans website is they say there are US Liberty hops used in the recipe... EKG and Styrians according to my recipe. So I think I'll be re-brewing this one anyone as it's nice and I'll get hold of some Liberty hops and see what the difference is.

Lovely wash of hop aromas as you stick your nose in the glass and a pleasing, creamy mouthfeel. Soft and delicate but at 6.1% abv it's one to keep an eye on. It goes down faster than a £300 escort light, summer session bitter. It has a lovely, thick white head that lasts the course and even when it begins to thin out a little, a quick swirl in the glass and it's back.

Here's the pic, sorry it's blurred I'm getting worse at photos. I seem to have a knack of getting backgrounds in perfect focus... meh!

While I'm on the subject of summer session beers, I've just bottled an own recipe Golden Bitter ready for summer, target abv was 3.9% but I ended up at 4.1% so it's still pretty low. A quicker taster before bottling and it's hoppy and fresh. I'm looking forward to trying the first small, sampler bottle in a few days.

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