Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brewery Build - Hot Liquor Tank Sight Glass

Finally, apart from outer insulation, my hot liquor tank is finished! The John Guest push fittings and a length of polycarbonate tube from Rob, The Malt Miller arrived with my last delivery of grain and hops.

It was -7 outside and drilling stainless in those temps is rather distracting, I managed to cut myself a few times on various things without even realizing.

Biggest frak up, almost, was the positioning of the sight glass. Only by absolute fluke does the polycarbonate tube not interfere with the handle on the drain valve. Fully closed, the valve lever just touches the tube...


Sight glass fitted, ready to wrap the tank up in some insulation.

Oops, a bit close for comfort. Luckily the valve still closes fully.