Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A delicious experiment in Beer

I don't know why I decided to top up an almost finished pint of my Black IPA with my Summer Blonde Bitter the other night but I'm very pleased I did.

A malt and hop explosion, gorgeous colour, delicious, creamy and smooth bursting with goldings and cascade. Love it! I now want to try to create a new recipe based on a merging of the two individual beers recipes. The mix was about 5:1 blonde to black,

Probably easier to brew separately and mix before bottling, not sure how to calculate the actual abv of two mixed together.

Black IPA Summer Blonde hybrid. A happy accident.


Bryan said...

Working out the combined ABV should be quite simple (ABVs picked out of the air).

Beer 1: ABV 4.3%
Beer 2: ABV 5.4%

Proportion 5:1

Combine 500ml of beer 1 and 100ml of beer 2.

Beer 1: 500ml beer = 4.3% * 500ml = 21.5ml alcohol
Beer 2: 100ml beer = 5.4% * 100ml = 5.4ml alcohol

So in the combined 600ml we have 21.5 + 5.4 = 26.9ml alcohol

As a percentage, that's 26.9 / 600 = 4.48%.

...and more to the point, I really must try combining some of my own!

Steve189 said...

Cheers Bryan, much appreciated :)

Bryan said...

It's nice to actually be able to answer a home-brewing-related question for once instead of just asking them!

Steve189 said...

I'd like to say I know what you mean but I haven't got to the answering questions bit yet!

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