Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Brew Day. Boiling the Wort and Bittering Hops. Pt. 3

Continuing on from part two, sparging the mashed grist. I'll fill this in properly later (edit, please excuse the tenses changing as you read, some was written as it happened the rest, like this bit, has been edited in later). Good boil, lovely smells filling to kitchen.

The sweet wort approaching boil
Not a lot to write about the boil really, it took about half an hour to get the wort to a rolling boil before adding the bittering hops.

Rolling boil reached the bittering hops were added.

Getting towards the end of the 60 minute boil time the boiling wort is beginning to clear, the hops continue to tumble around but something is definitely happening here...

About 15 minutes from the end of the wort boil.
My home made Immersion Wort Chiller was sterilized*, rinsed well and then placed in the boiler 10 mins before end of boil. Five minutes before the end of the boil I added the copper finings, in this recipe I used  so called Irish Moss which is actually a dried seaweed called Caragheen.

Wort chiller added 10 minutes before end of boil to sterilize it, copper finings (finings for the copper, they're seaweed, not made from copper) added 5 minutes before end of boil.
*I know there's no need to pre sterilize the chiller as the ten minutes in the boiling wort does that job but this time, doing a half size batch the whole thing isn't covered by the boiling wort. I just wanted to be sure :)

Heat off and, according to this particular home brewing book you let the wort stand for five minutes before adding the aroma hops.

Follow the link for Part 4, The Aroma Hops & Wort Chilling.

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