Sunday, April 15, 2012

The last few weeks :(

Little Wuppit (Holly) So, very, very missed.
I've had a crappy few weeks of things. The day after my last post we lost our beloved German Shepherd, Holly aka The Wuppit after whom my brewery is named. She was only 7 and a half, bless her and although ill for many years with horrible allergies requiring our constant supervision and care, her end was mercifully (for her) swift) Although I say she was ill she was always a happy, playful little girl and a toughy. So, I've been a little bit too glum to really post anything in this time.

So, the last brew now named Bramling Amber got bottled and put away. It tastes great, I'm very pleased with it. Malty, fruity and with a nice body and excellent head.

Since then I have been brewing, it was close to not bothering again as I was feeling that I didn't want to do anything here, I'd done before. Holly as been with us every day since we moved to France in 2005. She came with us as a pup and every single thing here has a memory of her attached.

But, brew I did and so I now have even more brewdays to try and get written up and shared on here.

AG#11 - Batemans Victory (From Graham Wheeler's BYOBRA)
AG#12 - Double Dragon (Also from GWs book - If you don't own it, get it please, it's superb.)
AG#13 - Friday 13th Wheat Beer - based on Easy Wit, link to follow...

All brewdays have been photographed, I just need to get myself re-motivated again.

By the way, the double dragon is now bottled and I had a sneaky taster on day 4... awesome! I had a couple of bottles on day 5 and although it still needs to clear down, it's probably the best beer I've brewed so far.

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