Saturday, March 17, 2012

AG#10 Own recipe Amber all grain home brew - part 3

I've been a bit crap with photos recently and I forgot to update about the day after my brew day for this beer until now.

I pitched the yeast the next morning and wow what a difference getting a good starter going makes, it kicked of within a couple of hours and by tea time (and for the first time) the fermentation blew the lid off my fermenter and filled the airlock with crud.

A quick clean up and I re-sealed the lid.

4 days on it had fermented down to 1,012 and a couple of days later it hadn't dropped any further so I racked it off to secondary with 15g of Bramling Cross hops to dry hop until I get round to bottling it, some time next week.

Early taste notes, very dry but pleasant. Nice full malty flavour and I am pleased with the hopping so far. Thanks again to PDTNC for suggesting I up my original hopping amounts.

I'm looking forward to trying it after a couple of weeks bottle conditioning.

Next on the list, maybe tomorrow depending on if I can be bothered to set all my gear up again (it's becoming a bit of a pain in the proverbial not having a dedicated set up area, there's a lot of kit to hump about and clean out, sterilize etc and I'm always in someone's way), is going to be another batch of the Courage Directors I brewed for my second ever all grain beer.

I have got some speciality malts to get a dunkel weissen type on the go but I'm waiting for a yeast culture I claimed from a bottle of Chimay to increase in quantity a bit before I brew it.

I also want to get a batch of Tim Taylors Landlord on the go having got hold of a large Wyeast smack pack of the (supposedly) same yeast TT use. From what I've been reading on various forums it's a bit like rocking horse shite to get hold of in the UK so, check out brouwland if you want some Wyeast 1469 WEST YORKSHIRE ALE, unfortunately their shitty frames based website design makes it aukward to link to product pages directly.

Oh well, back to it. I'll get some pics of the amber beer taken soon.

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