Sunday, November 4, 2012

Brewery Build, some more progress.

Here's a few more piccies of progress so far, not a lot of text, I'm too tired to type lol

Re-shuffle, HLT now at the right and higher up. System will be pumped but can revert to gravity if needed ie during power-cuts or if a pump fails.

15kw burner for the 100l boiler.

One of my Kaixin pumps and some plumbing bits and bobs. 3£ way manifold is for the HLT, 1 for recirc, one to Mash Tun and the other for a hand held spray head for rinsing stuff down.

Last bit of wall cladding almost finished.

Fridge in, it's controlled by an STC1000 so can be set to various temps either for beer or yeast storage.

Discovered a leak from around the door frame, couldn't find the source at first. It was right at the top of the roof and channelling down one of the roof joists. Fixed the offending tiles and the leak stopped. It did allow me to see my sloped floor working as it should though.

Brew kettle at left, HLT at the right. HLT still waiting for sightglass, temp probe, heating elements and recirc plumbing holes to be drilled. Stainless steel is a total bastard to drill even with 3 special SS drill bits. Waiting on a 40mm TCT hole saw from Starret for the element holes.

Hop filter fitted  (upside down to show the holes) and just visible, the thermowell for the dial thermometer.
I'm a bit further on with the cosmetics of the brew house, fair bit of painting and what not today.

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