Sunday, August 5, 2012

6 more brews since my last brewday post...

Once again I've managed to get well behind on blogging my all grain brewdays. I don't know where the time goes. I've had a busy few weeks with a couple of short breaks away and then some visitors came to stay so brewing has been sporadic to say the least.

I've just finished Ag#25 today, the fourth brew of a superb beer based on GWs Double Dragon. I've modified it somewhat so it is only loosely based on the original.

Since my last brewday post (AG#19) I've brewed the following beers.

Own recipe Cascade Gold AG#20 - bittered with Magnum hops (12.7% AA) and late hopped with Cascade, post boil steep hopped with more Cascade and after primary fermentation, dry hopped with even more Cascade - the result, a golden belter of a beer 5.5%abv and nicely sessionable - it didn't last long and was a definite fave with friends and family.

Double Dragon AG#21 (3rd batch) - This vanishes rapidly, another fave with friends and family.

Own Recipe Mocha Toasted Oatmeal Stout AG#22 - Challenger and Target for bittering, no aroma hops at all. Pale Malt, Munich, Amber, Roasted barley, Chocolate malt and home toasted oatmeal. 6 shots of freshly brewed espresso at the end of the boil. - the result, 4.5%abv, heavenly coffee and chocolate stout. Smooth and creamy and a definite re-brew in order.

Own recipe, Lathiere Blonde (pronounced Latt-ee-err) AG#23 named after the hamlet we live in and a hybrid of traditional UK hops and Cascade - This is only just bottled with 20l racked off to a plastic tank to condition ready to be chilled (my theory to preserve the co2 from the light priming I gave it) and racked off into bag in a box (kept cold) for serving but it's smelling gooood.

Own recipe Nelson Sauvin single hopped IPA or NZPA perhaps. First time using Nelson Sauvin and I must say I'm impressed. Lovely citrus, grapefruit reminiscent of some US hops but with an underlying tropical aroma to it, not sure what. Difficult to describe. I only brewed this the day before yesterday but it's smelling super in the FV.

I'm not going to do any write ups as far as I can see at the moment for these last few brews. They've all been pretty uneventful and not really any different to previous brewdays.

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