Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First pint of my all grain Banks Bitter homebrew

I brewed this all grain Banks Bitter style beer back in September and here's a photo of the result so far.

All Grain Banks Bitter Home Brew
It's delicious and keeps a great head with a gentle carbonation lasting for the duration of the drink. As I thought it would be, it is darker than the original and as my memory of the actual Banks Bitter is fading I can't be too sure on the flavour being the same. Next time I brew it I will leave out the black malt, at the time I almost chose not to add any but instead stuck with the recipe.

The head remains on the top as well as any pub pint I've ever had and, having seen some rather shocking photos of other brewers beers, do put a lot of this down to the cleanliness of the glass. dishwashers totally knacker a glass in no time and even hand washed glasses NEED to be thoroughly rinsed with cold water and dried with a fresh dry cloth - better still after drying wipe out with a couple of squares of kitchen roll.

Nice hoppiness on the nose but not as hoppy as my memory of the original and so next time I will also dry hop with some additional Goldings.


Jonty said...

Hi Steve,

good looking pint. I was at a concert in Birmingham at the weekend and thought I'd do a bit of 'research' for you... I sampled a few pints of Bank's from a couple of establishments and all I could conclude is that yours is definately darker than the ones I imbibed.



Steve189 said...

Cheers Jonty, it must have been awful having to sample some beers in the name of research. I will definitely be missing out the black malt next time I brew this.

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