Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Gas Burner For Wort Boiler/Copper

I saw these gas burners in a branch of Gamme Vert in Limoges a couple of weeks ago going for 75 Euros each and was going to get one this week. Luckily I called into our local branch in Ambazac today and picked one up for just 42 Euros!!!

3 ring 9.2 KW Gas Burner - Cast iron and brass manifold with taps.
Here's the website for the makers http://www.sonarema-fondex.com/rechaud-8004.php for those of you who don't have access to a Gamme Vert although of course it might be worth checking out eBay etc

The savings alone have more than covered the gas regulator and tubing (not included) as well as leaving some left over to go into my new (insulated shiny) Mash Tun fund.

This, with my new, larger capacity copper (post coming soon) means I shall be getting another brew on very soon. I ordered a load of bottles and capping gear last night from Brouwland (bit of a dodgy Frames based website - so no links to individual products as the browser address bar only shows the homepage url... SEO? I think not. - but good payment handling and order confirmation service so far)

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