Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home made Conical Fermenter project

A Conical Fermenter yesterday.
I've been looking at conical fermenters recently but the price has kept me away. All I really see is a pretty basic thing really, couple of valves, one for the beer take off I guess and the other - bottom one - for draining of the yeast sludge that settles out during fermentation... An airlock, possible even a sightglass but for a plastic one there's probably no need if you can see the liquid level ok through the tank wall.

How hard could it be to make one?

My Mrs pointed out the similarity between the fermenters I was looking at on The Google and a water dispenser we used to have for our chickens - we then got some Geese that promptly destroyed the dispenser. I've now found out they're call poultry drinkers and they look like this:

Plastic Poultry Drinker... A Conical Fermenter in the waiting.
A bit of cutting and drilling for a couple of valves and I think we'd have a pretty close deal and at around £35 (GBP) for a 30l drinker I could make four for the cost of a factory built fermenter. Looking at the photo above I'd need to find a drinker with a wider lid as to fit the valves there's a need to get an arm inside to tighten the back nut on.

Of course it's me and it's DIY so no doubt it'll go somewhat pear shaped but hey ho, that's half the fun isn't it? Hmmmmmn...

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